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The voice Season 11 Wiki Prediction Winner (12 Dec 2016) Full Episode

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The voice Season 11 Wiki Prediction Winner (12 Dec 2016) Full Episode: Hey everyone and welcome to all of your for our brand new post on the very own show-off the voice and today we have witnessed the final performances from the TOP 4 who have reached. Last week we had gone through semifinal stage and today it was all along rocking show for all the contestant and spectators. So we will be giving you some performances about the show and winner name will reveal here in few minutes.

The Voice Season 11 Final (12 Dec 2016) Full Episode

As we would like to tell you about the performances of TOP 4 and we will be going to start with our very own contestants and his name is Billy Gillman. He is a very good vocalist and he sang the song “because of me” in the finals of the voice Season 11. He is the strong contender to win the show. Here come our second contender and her name is We McDonald. She sang the song of “Wishes” which was mine favorite too. She is a sensation of the voice Season 11 so far. Our third contestant from the Blake Shelton team and their name are Sundance Head and the Fourth contestant is Josh Gallagher. So we can say that Josh Gallagher team is a surprise element in the show and both have sand the song “Darlin Don’t go” by Sundance head and “Pick Any Small Town” by Josh. So we had so much fun and let see who will be the final winner of the Voice Season 11.

The voice Season 11 Wiki Prediction Winner

As we all know that this will be totally like Karma and we have to witness the final of the voice Season 11 winner name soon. So it will be a great opportunity and final winner name will be announced soon as possible. We have top 4 contestants and one of them will be the final winner as we can say. So it will be like a great day where you have to vote for your favorite contestants. But our Wiki prediction is going in favor for We McDonald and Billy Gilman. But this is a musical reality show and anything can happen in it. So keep connected with the final verdict about the voice Season 11 Wiki Prediction Winner name and you will be informed as soon as possible.

If you would like to watch some videos on the youtube then you can easily do with us and we will be giving you the full information about the post which you are looking to get. We have our Facebook page where you can check out the final report from the voice Season 11. So keep supporting and keep checking more updates on the show.

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  • Billy is amazing! He’s the person who should win. Love his voice. Best of luck Billy! You can sing anything!I’m hooked on listening to your voice. I’ve replayed all the songs you sang on The Voice and I loved how you sang and performed The Fight song. Your gifted.

  • I read some other posts who favored Sundance Head and I totally disagree! While he can write his own song(s), so can Josh Gallagher! But I believe that if anyone besides Billy Gilman wins it will be a crying shame! This guy has a great backstory and a voice that is out of this world which he proved week after week throughout the season. He deserves to win this competition, not some guy with a gimmicky country western look and a voice that sounds like every other country singer out there! If Sundance Head was as great as they’re claiming tonight, then explain why he didn’t win American Idol when he appeared there as a contestant years ago. No, I believe that since the show The Voice is based on the best voice the title should go to the young man from Rhode Island whose voice may have changed since he was nominated for that Grammy years ago but it has become better than it ever was before! And since he hit every note of every song he sang this season, then HIS voice should win!!!

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